Introducing OOZOO

OOZOO is a new way to surf the internet, crafted as an extension on browsers - a lightweight game standard can be played anywhere on Internet.

We envision a world that connects Hooman and to be more than that.

OOZOO, a game inspired by the beloved Tamagotchi, is not just another digital pet game. It's a unique experience that responds to every interaction, from raising and caring for your digital pet to showering it with love.

Simple yet highly addictive using the ToD (Time-of-Death system), so Hooman will have to be responsible for their pet. If not, your pet will be ded (OxO)

Additionally, OOZOO will utilize Internet culture, such as pop, memes, anime, cartoons, and so much more, to create the next generation of Tamagotchi experiences for everyone.

Popular games like Genshin Impact, God of War, Rise of Kong, Sandbox, etc., are really fun to explore, but it takes years to create interesting worlds, and sometimes, that's not what people want. What OOZOO creates combines fun social interactions, unpredictable experiences, and community-driven content.

OOZOO is all about creating unpredictable experiences. These could be meme battles on social media, surprise in-game competitions, or something completely unexpected.

We're not just building a cool world; we're crafting a super dope world that the community craves.

Sounds fun?

Our development milestones:

💬 OOZOO integration on Social Platforms.

📱 OOZOO integration on dApps.

🌐 OOZOO integration to every corner of the Internet.

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