Ready? OK πŸ‘Œ Together!

Still think this is a Zoo on extension? Think again.

It's the Animal Internet! They are invading with tons of rewards and bonuses.

More OKπŸ‘Œ= +++++++ perks.

Peek below for our guide to the OKπŸ‘Œ system:

How to earn OK πŸ‘Œ

OK πŸ‘Œ can be earned via Daily Quest & Social Quest:

  • Daily Quest: Interact with Boss in OOZOO. Let them eat - sleep - poopie & repeat. Each quest will give you a moderate amount of points.

  • Social Quest: Go and explore the NET with your Boss. Hoomans need to stay alert for new quests on social media (like/retweet/comment/join discord)

Did you know there is a shortcut for you to earn OK πŸ‘Œ?

  • Referral Bonus: Invite a friend to the Zoo and earn +150 OKπŸ‘Œfor both!

Remember to stack up your OK πŸ‘Œfor more exciting things in the future.

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