Getting Started

Download Extension on PC

To begin your journey, start by downloading our extension.

Visit the official website: & locate the link for your preferred browser.

PWA Version for Mobile

Playing on PCs can be inconvenient? We got you, head straight to our PWA version for mobile: to try out the game directly on your phones!

Sign Up Using your Social Accounts

Upon downloading the extension, create your Hooman account to join OOZOO.

You can sign up via your X (Twitter) account or Google Account.

This integration ensures that your boss and associated assets are visible anywhere, creating a unified experience across your browser and the extension.

Sign Up Using your OKX wallet

Want more Web3 vibe? We hear you degens, you now have the option to Log in OOZOO via your OKX Web3 Wallet.

But first, you may need to download OKX wallet at Google Chrome store. Remember to store your wallet private key safely.

Head to the unique link, choose OKX wallet log in. In the next version, you will have the option connect your X account in game. Stay tuned!

Adopt a Boss

Once you enter the OOZOO, you will get a random Boss.

Boss is your entry-level fren in the Zoo.

Wallet Setup

Hooman sign in using their X account, after which you will receive a unique wallet created by our partner, Web3Auth. You can export this wallet and use it as a regular wallet.

OOZOO is a safe place for both Hooman and animals.

Have any questions?

Join our Discord channel and connect with fellow Hooman and animal enthusiasts.

We'll always give you a helping paw. *wink*

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