The Animal Internet, OK?

Virtual pet games have been around for decades, universally captivating millions of users and escalating the desire and fascination with digital collectibles. Tamagotchi's great success has dramatically elevated the experience while strengthening the connection between players and their hand-held pets.

Adapting blockchain's advanced technological capabilities, OOZOO is poised to enhance these virtual companions to unprecedented heights.

Emotion Biz

Tamagotchi-inspired blockchain games have recently showcased the market's interest in this niche, with platforms like Xpet drawing thousands of users eager to engage and invest their time. Nevertheless, these ventures often needed a more focused gaming experience, leading participants to view them primarily as opportunities for airdrop hunting or speculative investment.

Unlike profit-driven Web3 games, OOZOO focuses on delivering emotional entertainment, creating a unique gaming experience that resonates with players.

OOZOO's thesis emphasizes “Emotion Biz”

The idea is that when individuals engage with the game and enjoy the experiences, they will desire further engagement, be willing to pay, and even attach.

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